Welcome to The Pole Academy! 


Our mission at The Pole Academy LLC is to provide a fun & safe atmosphere to all of our students who have taken their first step into their pole journey. 


Do you want to lose weight? Build strength? Tone up? AND have fun while working out? Have you ever thought of doing pole fitness to do so?  We teach pole dance & fitness lessons including a variety of alternative dance/fitness classes.  It’s SO fun and it’s easy to meet little victories so you don’t get bored or discouraged! We guarantee you will feel results in just 1 class! Try it out and fall in love at your first spin!


Starting April 1st: Online Lessons ONLY
Provided by ZOOM

Due to COVID19


March 29th - April 4th

Flash Sale!


1 Month Unlimited: $75

Use it for Online Lessons during COVID 19 (online classes at TPA start April 1st)

OR use it when we re-open our purple palace after the dust settles!

Sale includes all group classes! (Not for private lessons, etc)

Sale is 1 week! March 29th - April 4th!


Expires 1 year from purchase date.

If you have questions or concerns please email us at info@thepoleacademy.com <3

1 Month Unlmited: $75

April 14th

Have A Seat w/ Kilo Kitty Buhrmaster - ONLINE w/ Zoom

Are you staring at your chair and just wonder what crazy things you can do with it? Leave it to Kilo to come up with some fun ideas! You will learn to use your chair as an apparatus and create your own movement. 

Join Kilo Tuesday April 14th at 7pm for this chair only specialty class for only $10. Spaces are limited and is not included in memberships.  So make sure register to snag your chair before its gone! 

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Date TBD

Clothing Trade & Swap! POSTPONED

Clothing Trade & Swap!


Bring your gently used pole/muggle/professional clothing and accessories! Tanks, shorts, pants, jeans, skirts, sweaters, shoes, heels, bags, jewelry, etc! Everything is free to good home/ swap so nothing will be for purchase.


Swap is postponed due to COVID19 but clean our your closet and we'll swap soon! Once the new date is listed - bring your items before if you can't attend. Leftovers will be on the back table during classes for those who can not make it. Anything left will be taken to donations.


May 3rd

Burlesque Workshop w/ Veritas Veridian

2 Part Burlesque Workshop. Sunday, May 3rd, 2020. 4:30PM



Part One A: " Intense Intention"

Learn a short burlesque dance.  Your mission is to build suspense, utilize movement dynamics and allow your face to react within your story. Burlesque is theatre and you are an actor/actress!


Part One B: "Dynamic Boa Choreography"

Learn a way to create boa choreography with the help of a specific tool then add music! This is to emphasize the importance of movement dynamics in burlesque performance.


Part Two:  "Hot and Classic Fans"

(Classic Feather Fan Moves with Choreography)

Learn several fan moves and then make them flow with music.

Focus is on proper hand grips, framing, the reveal and conceal and storytelling. Make the fans come to life!


How to Dress:

Comfortable form fitting pants and top

Bring Low heels! Soft soled Latin/ballroom heels are best or very low "stripper" heels 5" or lower.

No heels for "Intense Intention."

Go glam! Makeup, necklaces and accessories encouraged!  (No bracelets please)

Bring knee pads if you have then. If not, I will provide some.


Your teacher:

Veritas Veridian, "The Green Eyed Nightingale"


"I left Savannah, GA (my true love) for Charlotte, NC to open my burlesque and pole dance boutique, AFV Exotics Arts. It’s a jewel box studio and a sanctuary for creativity. In my world the men are dapper. Chivalry is everywhere! Play that old jazz standard, and pour me a whiskey! Shower me with emeralds, hand me those feather fans, play some Duke Ellington, and we can make your heart beat, darlin’!

V Stands For Truth, My Love.”


Veritas was named "sexiest exotic artist"  and "best burlesque performer" of Charlotte in 2018. She has owned AFV Exotic Arts for eight years.


May 30th

ChaPole Workshop w/ Kilo

Do you love pole? Do you love chair? Do you love them both but unsure how to share the love together?
Then ChaPolegraphy aka ChaPole is for you! Learn how to merge the two together as one in a little routine. You will learn how utilized the chair as part of the pole other than a separate entity.
This workshop is ALL levels and heels are optional, not required.
It is a 90 minutes for only $30! Come join Kilo at The Pole Academy in Greenville SC on Saturday May 30th at 10am . Limited availability; so make sure to register at www.thepoleacademy.com.

Level 1.0 // $30

Triangle: September 4th & 5th & Southern: September 12th & 13th

PSO - Triangle & Southern

PSO Triangle 2020 will be held on September 4th & 5th in Cary, NC. Southern is in Atlanta on September 12th & 13th! We at The Pole Academy want to send our love and praise to all our amazing competitors! We are so proud to see you take the stage and cast your magic! 

Pole Sport Organization - Competition

September 19th

Gemma Lux Workshops

Join Gemma Lux for a full day of Workshops! Choose from 3 or take them all! Details below and use our 'Schedule' to book! 

Gemma Lux is an award winning Showgirl & Pole Dancer/Instructor from Florida, USA. She dazzles audiences from allover the world with her polished and flirty style of Classique Pole. Gemma embraces the sexy side of pole dance, and shines on stage as she is a well-seasoned performer. She lives the showgirl life! She enjoys helping people reach their goals, find their sexy, and strives to inspire and enrich lives all over the world.

10A:  Get Grounded
Floor Work (All levels) 90 Minutes

Floorwork is not only super sexy, it’s a great way to connect with your audience! Floorwork is an essential element to all pole dance routines. It allows you to breath in between pole dance combos & tricks as well as showcases your additional acrobatic talents. Gemma will teach you forward rolls, back rolls, floor combos, shoulder stands, fish flops & more! Variations will be provided as needed for each student’s current ability & conditioning techniques to take home with you. Bring leg warmers, knee pads, and long socks. Anything that will help you slide on the floor & protect your feet.Heels very welcome!


12P:   Signature “Spinning” Tricks Twisties & Spreadies 

Learn Gemma Lux’s signature tricks and aerial combos that you will love adding to your repertoire! She loves splits so prepare for a fun filled class with lots of spreadie love! We will also spend time on stylization, or how to make a move your own, based off your strengths and character in order to make you stand out on stage or in your personal practice!
(**We consider Intermediate inverting without a kick, leg hangs inside and outside, butterfly, hip holds and basic climbing techniques, preferably on both sides but not necessary**)

2P:  Meat Candy Pole Dancing & Booty Werk

(All levels) 90 Minutes

You will learn how to shake your “Meat Candy” in this booty popping workshop! Learn booty skills & drills on & off the pole. Learn a routine incorporating your new booty skills. Booty pop in a split, twerk in a handstand, money maker, cheerleader pops, booty isolations, twerk & more!


$65 / Each

September 20th

Candra Cain Photography Presents: Cosmic Candy

SHE'S COMING BACK! The beauty who brought us Dark & Sexy is back with Cosmic Candy! Beautiful lighting, sexy ambiance and overall one sweet shoot! Sunday, September 20th!🍭🍬 


Sign up with Candra for payments and booking times.


$275 - Book w/ Candra

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