Welcome to The Pole Academy! 


Our mission at The Pole Academy LLC is to provide a fun & safe atmosphere to all of our students who have taken their first step into their pole journey. 


Do you want to lose weight? Build strength? Tone up? AND have fun while working out? Have you ever thought of doing pole fitness to do so?  We teach pole dance & fitness lessons including a variety of alternative dance/fitness classes.  It’s SO fun and it’s easy to meet little victories so you don’t get bored or discouraged! We guarantee you will feel results in just 1 class! Try it out and fall in love at your first spin!


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1 Month Unlimited: $99!


February 19th

NEW CLASS! Intro To Pole Inversions

Intro To Pole Inversions: Skills & Drills (On Pole, High Beginner - Low Intermediate)
Inverting is a pivotal skill to have in aerial arts, and there’s so many ways to do it and places to go from your inverts. In this class you can expect to not only learn techniques that will assist in cleaning up your inverts, but also learn gorgeous shapes from your inverts! Learn basic invert holds in a variety of grips, shoulder mount preps, leg hangs and safe dismounts! 

rills start from floor and can be challenged if needed. 

$20 // Included In Memberships

February 22nd

Bad To The Chrome

Jax & Kilo are performing in Bad To The Chrome in Tampa FL! Wish them safe travels and good luck! 

Tampa, FL

February 23rd

NEW CLASS ALERT: HIIP Training w/ Belle!

HIIPT: High Intensity Interval Pole Training with @toni_belle_ : $15 (Included in Unlimited Memberships)
(No Prerequisite! All levels welcome!)

High Intensity Interval Training (also known as HIIT) is well known to be an effective cardiovascular workout that will burn calories, improve endurance and increase strength and muscle tone. The Pole Academy is now offering our own version of HIIT in pole fitness style! HIIP stands for High Intensity Interval POLE Training. This will be a fun and challenging full body workout! We will do intervals of high intensity pole conditioning exercises both on and off the pole with periods of active rest. Classes may incorporate various training tools including resistance bands, light dumbbells, kettlebells, stability balls and, of course, our Poles! Exercises performed in this class will vary so that each class will be slightly different and can be modified for ALL fitness levels. Come prepared to MOVE, SWEAT and have FUN 🤩

Hight Intensity Interval Pole Training

March 1st

The Twerk Technician Tour is Headed Your Way!

Thanks for your interest in Twerk Technician Training. We have certified instructors across the globe from UK, to Germany sharing the safe and fun approach to Twerk. Attend classes or train to teach Twerk with the World Famous Vertical Joes'!  Each city host a 4 Hour Instructor Training along with a 1 Hour Twerk Class for all levels to enjoy.   Find the city nearest you and train to become a Twerk Technician or just dance like one. See workshop and instructor training details below:

Twerk Technician Instructor Certification is a  4 Hour Course

The course includes: Online Study, Written exam, Handbook, E-dvd, Swag, Certificate of completion, 4 Hour course and more!  Instructors will complete a practical exam and receive a certificate of completion. Along with an online written exam and official Twerk Tech swag received via mail.  Wear twerk friendly shorts/leggings, knee pads, sneakers.

99 Ways To Twerk is a  1 Hour Masterclass

Vertical Joe’s has been teaching twerk since 2009.  Learn how to wiggle and jiggle your jelly like the ladies of the dirty south As Seen with Ludacris, Lil’ Wayne and more!!    Take home an awesome routine to show off to your friends or store in your personal sexy achives! Wear twerk friendly shorts/leggings, knee pads, sneakers/heels dependent on class.


  • Ongoing Twerk Support via Twerk Technicians Website

  • Featured on Twerk Technicians Website 

  • Ongoing promotions from Vertical Joe’s a trusted name in Twerk worldwide.

  • Free dance fitness drop in classes when visiting Atlanta GA

  • CEUs and Recognition by AFAA 

  • Option to become a Twerk Technician Trainer



  • Learn more at www.twerktechnicians.com 

  • Sign up at https://twerktechtour.eventbee.com

  • $179 Cert Sale!

    March 8th

    Have A Seat w/ Kilo Kitty Buhrmaster

    Are you staring at your chair and just wonder what crazy things you can do with it? Leave it to Kilo to come up with some fun ideas! You will learn to use your chair as an apparatus and create your own movement.



    Join Kilo Sunday March 8th at 10am for only $10. Spaces are limited and is not included in memberships. So make sure register to snag your chair before its gone


    March 13th

    Bend, Don't Break - Workshop

    Bend, Don't Break! - Flexibility Workshop!

    Flexibility is important not just for everyday health but for your pole journey as well! Jax will show you a series of back, shoulder, hip and hamstring stretches for every level of flexibility! We might even use poles, resistance bands, yoga blocks or a partner to intensify stretching and take it to the next level! You'll leave feeling your bendiest and will have the tools to practice at home to continue your training!

    Register online @ www.thepoleacademy.com Payment due upon registration. All levels. Not included in TPA memberships. 90 Minutes $20


    March 14th

    Intro To Handstand - Workshop

    Intro to Handstand:

    Join Brandon Romstadt  in this high energy, hands-on workshop has something to offer every athlete, regardless of experience. In 1.5 hours, we will focus on body awareness and strengthening drills you need to handstand like a pro. By the end of this class, you should understand the mechanics of the handstand shape and feel prepared to start your independent handstand practice. Class is Saturday March 14th  @  10am 90 mins and $25 - All Levels!


    March 15th

    Heidi Coker Workshops


    Sunday, March 15th.


    12PM Pole’tastic Gymnastics

    Inter/Adv: 90 min

    As a forever gymnast I love to incorporate gymnastic and acro moves on and off the pole. When I look at a pole, I see handstands and cartwheels everywhere! In this class we will practice acrobatics movement inspired from gymnastics. No need to have a gymnastics background, we will learn techniques to help you achieve those handstands, cartwheels and flip-like tricks. I will also introduce you to other acro inspired moves. Adding acro elements both off and on the pole can add a new dimension to your pole practice. And they are a great way to build body awareness that can help you in every aspect of pole.


    2PM: Interesting Combos

    Inter/Adv: 90 min

    Dare to try something new? Starting with some of my favorite tricks, we will create a fun combo series and look at unique ways in and out of new and familiar tricks.. This is a great workshop for tricksters and people looking for some new moves. This is the beginning of you stepping outside of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to discover your own creative thinking!


    4PM: Floor 2 Pole Transitions

    Inter/Adv: 90 min

    Create seamless transitions onto and off of the pole. Use your floor space to make interesting shapes and add another level of creativity to your combos! We will work on transitions from the floor onto the pole and from the pole down to the floor in new and interesting ways.


    Register online @ www.thepoleacademy.com

    Spaces Limited

    Must Pay Upon Registration

    Discount for mulitple workshops

    Heidi Coker is available for Privates - Contact Studio

    1 $60, 2 $110, 3 $165

    March 18th

    Hot In Heels

    Hell In Heels (All Levels)
    Grab your stilettos, your attitude  and strut! Learn to walk, clack, glide, strut and more in this heels class! This special event is all about releasing the clackin’s! Of course there will be feet & ankle stretches and warm ups, tips and advice surrounding your stilettos but a little choreo as well! We’ll be standing, dancing, walking, slinking and rolling on the floor in this class so dress right with layers of leggings, knee highs, knee pads and heels.


    Specialty Class: March 18th @ 8pm. $10. All levels. No pole knowledge necessary. 


    March 20

    CRNP Spinning Tricks

    CRNP Spinning Tricks can be for all levels!

    Do you love spin pole or want to love spin pole? Want to add the Aussie flare to your style? 

    In this class; you will get a Aussie style warm up  while learning fundamental spin pole techniques, tricks and transitions with movements unique to CRNP. 

    This class is included in memberships! Heels and shorts are recommended and also a rockin' attitude!


    March 22nd

    Shamrock Shake - Pole Party

    Come shake & shimmy your shamrocks with TPA! You don't have to be Irish to enjoy a St. Patty's Pole Party! Join TPA Sunday, March 22nd 6-9PM. $10! Wear GREEN so you don't get pinched! Bring friends - the more, the merrier! There will be shenanigans, food but NO alcohol. (Safety 1st!)


    Also, this is your chance to get lucky! We will have a raffle going that evening. Your $10 entry gets you 1 raffle ticket but you can buy more to increase your chances of winning TPA swag, gift cards and up for grabs is a FREE 1 MONTH MEMBERSHIP! ($150 Value) Raffle tickets are 1 for $5, 5 for $10 and 10 for $20.

    6 - 9pm - $10 Entry

    March 26

    PoleARTry 2.0

    PoleARTry 2.0 is our new Intermediate/ Advanced Level class.

    In this class we will be adding in more tricks and transitions that will challenge your flow. We recommend that you are comfortable with inversions before registering for this class. If you are unsure, please reach out to an instructor before registering. Spaces are limited. Class is included in memberships.

    We recommend shorts, heels and knee pads.  Remember every PoleARTry 2.0 is different with every instructor. See you in class!


    March 29th

    ChaPole Workshop w/ Kilo

    Do you love pole? Do you love chair? Do you love them both but unsure how to share the love together?
    Then ChaPolegraphy aka ChaPole is for you! Learn how to merge the two together as one in a little routine. You will learn how utilized the chair as part of the pole other than a separate entity.
    This workshop is ALL levels and heels are optional, not required.
    It is a 90 minutes for only $30! Come join Kilo at The Pole Academy in Greenville SC on Sunday March 29th at 12pm. Limited availability; so make sure to register at www.thepoleacademy.com.

    Level 1.0 // $30

    April 5th

    Strike A Pose - Specailty Class

    Whether you're booking a photoshoot, entering a competition or just dancing your heart out - you need to strike a pose! Being aware of pointed toes, what your face is doing, extending through you fingers or even just finding your best angle is the last bit of finishing details that will make any pose wow your viewers! In this specialty class we'll go over standing and floor angles, facial expressions, feet & hand details and more! Let's explore, be aware and strike a pose! Heels, knee pads, leg warmers are encouraged but not required.

    Class is 1 hour, $10 and will be on Sunday, April 5th @ 12pm. It's open to all levels, no pole experience even required! 


    April 5th - All Day!

    Clothing Trade & Swap!

    CLOTHING SWAP! Bring your gently used pole/muggle/professional clothing and accessories! Tanks, shorts, pants, jeans, skirts, sweaters, shoes, heels, bags, jewelry, etc! Everything is free to good home/ swap so nothing will be for purchase. 

    Swap is Sunday, April 5th - all day during classes! Bring your items before if you can't attend. Leftovers will be on the back table during classes for those who can not make it. Anything left will be taken to donations. 


    April 10th & 11th

    PSO - Triangle

    PSO Triangle 2020 will be held on April 10th & 11th in Cary, NC. We at The Pole Academy want to send our love and praise to all our amazing competitors! We are so proud to see you take the stage and cast your magic! spectator tickets available Class schedule .

    Pole Sport Organization - Competition

    May 3rd

    Burlesque Workshop w/ Veritas Veridian

    2 Part Burlesque Workshop. Sunday, May 3rd, 2020. 4:30PM



    Part One A: " Intense Intention"

    Learn a short burlesque dance.  Your mission is to build suspense, utilize movement dynamics and allow your face to react within your story. Burlesque is theatre and you are an actor/actress!


    Part One B: "Dynamic Boa Choreography"

    Learn a way to create boa choreography with the help of a specific tool then add music! This is to emphasize the importance of movement dynamics in burlesque performance.


    Part Two:  "Hot and Classic Fans"

    (Classic Feather Fan Moves with Choreography)

    Learn several fan moves and then make them flow with music.

    Focus is on proper hand grips, framing, the reveal and conceal and storytelling. Make the fans come to life!


    How to Dress:

    Comfortable form fitting pants and top

    Bring Low heels! Soft soled Latin/ballroom heels are best or very low "stripper" heels 5" or lower.

    No heels for "Intense Intention."

    Go glam! Makeup, necklaces and accessories encouraged!  (No bracelets please)

    Bring knee pads if you have then. If not, I will provide some.


    Your teacher:

    Veritas Veridian, "The Green Eyed Nightingale"


    "I left Savannah, GA (my true love) for Charlotte, NC to open my burlesque and pole dance boutique, AFV Exotics Arts. It’s a jewel box studio and a sanctuary for creativity. In my world the men are dapper. Chivalry is everywhere! Play that old jazz standard, and pour me a whiskey! Shower me with emeralds, hand me those feather fans, play some Duke Ellington, and we can make your heart beat, darlin’!

    V Stands For Truth, My Love.”


    Veritas was named "sexiest exotic artist"  and "best burlesque performer" of Charlotte in 2018. She has owned AFV Exotic Arts for eight years.


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